About AdSmart

  • Scheduled and on-demand images of billboard on your mobile phone
  • Geo tagged and time-stamped images that can be shared to stakeholders
  • Single dashboard gives all relevant information of your assets making managing them a breeze
  • Equipped with Image Analytics to review real time images from billboards to raise smart notifications like light not working, damage to vinyl, etc
  • Extendable to remotely change schedules of LED lights operation based on season / occupation / etc
  • Easily integrated with other IT systems of your company to seamlessly exchange information for comprehensive management
  • Advanced analytics and reports on slippages, damages & throughput
  • Video analytics based traffic volume analysis to get accurate information to help right monetization
  • Weather and theft proof, battery powered device with 100% reliability

Why AdSmart

Geographically distributed outdoor assets makes it very tough to have a clear picture of them
and to reduce the operational wastages,revenue losses to the media owners.

Provides accurate and reliable reports to the agencies and advertisers.

Lack of Liability.

Entire outdoor assets on fingertips with real time dashboards and mobile apps

Optimally utilize and manage entire outdoor staff using geo location and mobility

Minimizes downtime along with significant reduction of management overheads


It is humanly impossible to keep a check on the health of all billboards, and this is where IoT comes to the rescue.

The face of outdoor advertising is set to change as billboards are getting a makeover with the IoT (Internet of Things).

Any defects that are caught on camera automatically alert the media owner. The data is also archived for retrieval at any time

Alerts and reports to your clients and add agencies.

Images and videos will be on demand and also provided with time interval

Develops long run relationship with the clients

Cloud based software with live photos and videos

Extremely user friendly app Axelta-S7

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